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All you need to know about garage door maintenance in one site! Read the best garage door tips. How about some fresh tips! Consider them as pure consultation on garage door matters

  • Cover tracks during garage door painting

    When you paint the garage door, it's best to cover well the tracks with plastic bags. They must be completely protected from paint splashes because the smallest spot will keep the garage door rollers from moving right. It's also wise to clean them well after painting just to be sure that their way is not blocked.

  • Tighten Loose Parts

    If you notice any loose parts on your garage door, you should tighten or fix them right away. If you do not, even whole panels may fall off or the entire garage door may become misaligned, as our experts warned. Avoid these major damages by simply fixing the loose parts of your garage door.

  • Buy a battery system

    Having a backup battery system installed in your garage door opener will come in handy when the power is out and you still want to exit or enter your home. These devices do not cost much, they are easy to install and they're helpful in times of emergency.

  • Don't be fooled by cheap garage doors

    Apparently there are excellent deals for garage doors on the market but don't fall for it unless they satisfy your needs completely. Our specialists in Lilburn remind you that garage doors are bought once/twice in a lifetime and must be durable to withstand threats. Make sure the good garage door prices include the products you want.

  • Prefer galvanized garage doors

    If you have decided to get steel garage doors, it's better to prefer galvanized materials. These materials won't rust since steel is coated with zinc, which is durable. This way, the door panel will last longer and you may not need to proceed with garage door replacement again. It will be highly resistant to all climates.

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