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  • What are the main tools for garage door repairs?

    Apart from the obvious everyday tools (like screwdrivers etc. for example) the experts of our garage door company in Lilburn use winding bars of different dimensions and lengths. There are also winding bars with a hexagonal grip and different endings and this can speed up the garage door spring replacement process.

  • Why do manufacturers suggest replacing parts at specific cycles?

    Manufacturers try to protect consumers from accidents and dysfunctional systems. They suggest replacement after specific cycles because garage door parts have a limited lifespan. Even if you maintain them often, they'll still need to be replaced at some time for enhanced safety.

  • Why should I get galvanized springs?

    Some would get galvanized garage door torsion springs just for their good looks! Though, the experts of our company in Lilburn say that the main reason why you should prefer galvanized garage door springs is their long-lasting and resistance since they will not corrode.

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