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We rely heavily on the automation provided by the garage door opener to lift the very heavy door for us every time we push a button. Of course, we are able to do this manually because the springs bear most of the weight of the door but doing it with the assistance of the motor just makes everything so much more convenient. It is after all this convenience that is important to us whenever we're running late in the morning or when we are tired after a long day at work. We should take care of this beloved automation because it's easy to lose it.Garage Door Repair in Georgia

A Damaged Mechanism

The mechanism in place that lets us lift the heavy garage door is composed of many individual parts. These individual parts need to be checked periodically and repaired occasionally when they have already sustained some form of significant damage. One of the components that frequently get damaged is the torsion spring. When this happens, you should never attempt to repair or replace it yourself because of the dangers involved when the power of the spring gets released uncontrollably. Let us handle spring replacement for you.

The Door Itself

Aside from the individual parts of the door mechanism that may break, the door too is frequently damaged. This is because it is very vulnerable. It may be pelted by hailstones during a hail storm or hit by an improperly parked car. Whether the damage to the panels is caused by small or large object, it would still require a professional repair service and this is where we come in. Our trained experts are adept at assessing and remedying damage to your door mechanisms to restore the aesthetics and functionality.

Be it for your opener, springs, tracks, cables or any part of the door – we are your team for the job!

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